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The vast majority of Wellington Telford office computer networks use BT or Virgin phone lines and routers.

A&A Computers has considerable experience of both (we have operated both BT Telford office networks and Virgin Wellington office networks).

BT and Virgin routers use radically different systems to provide internet access.

Virgin routers use the DSL system. DSL uses dedicated ports and cabling to access the internet.

BT routers use ADSL.  ADSL routers access the internet via a telephone line. Additionally, BT business and BT home networking - internet systems are very similar but with specific differences. BT Home Routers differ from BT Business Routers in numerous ways such as superior security features on a BT Business Router and BT business email. Eg; btconnect accounts use outlook.office365.com which is a Microsoft / BT business email system.


Wellington Office Network Speed Issues

Many Wellington Telford Business Networks - Wellington Office Networks were installed or setup more than 10 years ago and still use the original hardware (eg; network cables and network switches).

However; technology has improved over time and in many cases the old network hardware will be causing issues. An example of this will be network speed restrictions imposed by the switches. Virtually all modern computers are capable of communicating via a cabled network (ethernet connections) at  speeds of 1gb (1000mb). However, most switches currently in use will only handle 10mb or 100md traffic (the switch will usually be labelled as 10/100). So; even if fibre internet is being used, access to the internet will be limited by the switch to 100mb or even 10mb.

The solution is to replace the switch with a 10/100/1000 unit. This will allow the computers to communicate over the network at 1000mb (gigabit). However; please note that incompatible cabling may also need to be replaced.

Note; network switches should not be connected to each other.

Professional Quality Network Switches

Wellington Telford office networking 16 port network switch

(£75 - fitted) 

Wellington Telford office networking 24 port network switch

(£95 - fitted) 


Wellington Telford out of office hours business computer installation

A&A appreciate that it is often far more convenient to install upgrades etc "outside Office Hours". We therefore offer this facility in Wellington, Telford at a cost of only £35 per day.

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