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Wellington Telford Email Support and Email Repair 

Wellington Telford Based Email Support

Wellington Telford Based Email Repair

A&A Computer repair is pleased to offer Wellington (Shropshire) Based Email Support and Wellington (Shropshire) Email Repair.

Having successfully resolved email issues for many years, in early 2019, we decided that we could "do a better job" than the major email providers.

Although continuing to provide Wellington Shropshire Sky Email Support, Wellington Shropshire Virgin Media Email Support, Wellington Shropshire TalkTalk Email Support, Wellington Shropshire Google Email Support, Wellington Shropshire GMail Email Support, Wellington Shropshire Hotmail Email Support, Wellington Shropshire Yahoo Email Support, Wellington Shropshire Outlook Email Support, Wellington Shropshire Tiscali Email Support etc, etc (including configuring - repairing Microsoft Office Outlook Email, POP3 and Imap email account repair etc).

Alongside the above, we are pleased to now offer alternative email accounts (Custom Email Addresses) without advertising and including Hacking protection, Virus protection etc.

These new email services include the following;


Wellington Telford Personal Email Addresses - Football Clubs

Personal Football Email Addresses

New, Original, Football Email Addresses

Arsenal Football Club - Arsenalfc.email Wellington Shropshire Email Addresses

Arsenal Supporter Email Addresses

eg; arsenal.fan@arsenalfc.email

Aston Villa Football Club - avfc.email Wellington Shropshire Email Addresses

Aston Villa Supporter Email Addresses

eg; astonvillafan@avfc.email

Celtic Football Club - celticlfc.email Wellington Shropshire Email Addresses

Celtic Supporter Email Addresses

eg; celtic.fan@celticfc.email

Chelsea Football Club - chelseafc.email Wellington Shropshire Email Addresses

Chelsea Supporter Email Addresses

eg; chelseafan@chelseafc.email

Liverpool Football Club - liverpoolfc.email Wellington Shropshire Email Addresses

Liverpool Supporter Email Addresses

eg; liverpool.fan@liverpoolfc.email

Manchester City Football Club - mancityfc.email Wellington Shropshire Email Addresses

Man City Supporter Email Addresses

eg; mancityfan@mancityfc.email

Manchester United Football Club - manutdfc.email Wellington Shropshire Email Addresses 

Man Utd Supporter Email Addresses

eg; manutd.fan@manutdfc.email

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club - spursfc.email Wellington Shropshire Email Addresses 

Tottenham Supporter Email Addresses

eg; spursfan@spursfc.email

Wolves Football Club - wolvesfc.email Wellington Shropshire Email Addresses 

Wolves Supporter Email Addresses

eg; wolves.fan@wolvesfc.email



Wellington Telford Special Interest Personal Email Addresses

Personal, Unique Email Addresses


Pop Star Music Email Addresses - Music Wellington Shropshire Email Accounts 

Pop Star Email Addresses

eg; robbie@popstar.email

UK Princess Email Addresses - UK Princess Wellington Shropshire Email Accounts 

UK Princess Email Addresses

eg; susan@ukprincess.email

UK Rock Star Music Email Addresses - Wellington Shropshire Royal Family Email Accounts

UK Rock Star Email Addresses

eg; noel@ukrockstar.email

UK Royal Family Email Addresses - Wellington Shropshire Royal Family Email Accounts 

UK Royal Family Email Addresses

eg; chris.nolan@ukroyalfamily.emai

Note about Wellington Telford Email Support

Please note that we also offer Wellington Shropshire Computer Software Repairs and Wellington Shropshire Computer Update Repairs 

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